7 Reasons Why Email Marketing Is Important to Your Business Strategy 

7 Reasons Why Email Marketing Is Important to Your Business Strategy 

Business marketers know that there are a variety of ways to reach one’s target audience and, in today’s digitalized world, using relevant technologies is more important than ever. While there’s no doubt that how people consume information is changing, email marketing proves to be a tried-and-true method of reaching customers and potential customers, communicating a direct message, and driving sales. Consider these seven reasons why email marketing is important to your business strategy, and reach out to Too Darn Loud Marketing to start building your campaign today.

  1. Offers a Direct Line of Communication

While billboards, radio ads, TV commercials, and even social media advertising campaigns can be very effective, they’re limited in that there is no guarantee that they’ll reach an intended user. Indeed, even social media ads can be limited in their algorithm. With email, however, you’re afforded a direct line of communication between you and the end user, and you have a unique opportunity to drop your brand right in their inbox–something they may very well open at least every day, if not multiple times a day. This means that email marketing is more intimate than other forms of marketing, and can also create a sense of immediacy when done correctly. 

  1. Allows for a Personal Touch

Through email marketing, a business has unlimited opportunities for personalization and customization in their messaging. You can change an email and its various facets, such as text size and font choice, content, imagery, colors, title, etc. to tailor it for a specific target demographic (and you should for maximal effectiveness!). Research shows that when you are able to tap into a customer’s emotions—which customization may help you be able to do—you improve the customer’s loyalty and trust in your brand, which can in turn drive sales. 

  1. Is a Cost-Effective Marketing Strategy

Of all the marketing strategies that exist, email marketing is by and far one of the least expensive and most cost-effective for businesses, especially considering the returns (i.e. leads and sales generated). Particularly when compared to high-spend television ads or print advertising, both of which may require high upfront spend, email marketing is something that can be done on a budget. This makes it an attractive option for companies of all sizes, including smaller start-ups. 

  1. Provides the Ability to Nurture Customer Relationships Over Time

A good business owner knows that if they want to be successful long-term, they need to build relationships with customers that last for life; short-sighted marketing techniques or business practices won’t get you there. Through email marketing, you have the ability to foster the relationship with your customer over the years by consistently delivering high-quality content that’s inclusive of relevant and timely information and offers, as well as asking for customer reviews and feedback periodically (and hopefully responding to it!). 

  1. Drives More Traffic

Email marketing is still one of the best ways to drive organic traffic to a business website, and more traffic to a website translates into more sales. You can increase the efficacy of your email campaign by including relevant links to other content, ensuring that content is tailored for your target demographic, offers exclusive content, and understands users’ intent. It’s also a smart idea to not limit yourself only to email marketing for the best results. For example, integrating social media marketing with an email marketing campaign can be especially fruitful. 

  1. Offers Automation and Scalability 

Unlike other, more traditional forms of marketing (think: print ad campaigns), email marketing can not only be scaled, but also automated. Automation is one of the more attractive features of email marketing, as it can save time and reduce challenges as a customer base and subscriber list grows and expands. Through automated tools, businesses can streamline email marketing workflows and be ready with an email when a new subscriber signs up, someone makes a purchase, or when an inactive customer needs to be re-engaged, amongst other things. 

  1. Returns Results You Can Measure

Finally, email marketing is a tool that serves businesses because it provides results that are measurable, taking the guesswork out of whether marketing efforts are effective. Metrics that you should track when overseeing an email marketing campaign include email open rate, conversion rate, and click-through rate. You should also track sales that are a direct result of an email call to action. 

 Have an Impact: Contact Too Darn Loud Marketing Today

Businesses have an opportunity to better connect with their customers and customers-to-be through leveraging the power of email marketing. Whether you need to improve an existing email marketing campaign or put one in place for the first time, Too Darn Loud Marketing can help. Reach out to us today by phone or online to get started. 

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