Here Are the Five Best Ways to Incorporate Video Into Your Marketing

Here Are the Five Best Ways to Incorporate Video Into Your Marketing

Is video part of your current marketing strategy? If not, it probably should be! Online videos are what people see the most, and this type of content can do a lot for your business. Here is why you should make video marketing one of your top choices and five ways you can incorporate video into your overall marketing strategy.

The Importance of Having a Video Marketing Strategy

YouTube launched in 2005, which was just the beginning of an era in which businesses have learned how to market themselves using video. Obviously, video technology has gotten more user-friendly over the past few decades, making it easier to create and edit videos. But that’s not the only reason marketers are turning to video.

Consumers overwhelmingly prefer video content. In 2022, people are watching an average of 19 hours of video content per week. Sure, some of it is news-related or videos of animals doing cute things. But there is also room for video content produced by different brands. Here are some of the reasons your business should have a killer video marketing strategy.

It’s Great for Educating

Video content is a fantastic way to educate your target audience. In fact, about one-third of consumers watch how-to and educational videos online. They might watch videos when they are in the investigation stages of a purchase or need some support after the sale. This type of content can help you get and retain customers.

It Can Build Trust

People aren’t going to buy from a business they don’t trust. One way to build trust with consumers is to let them get to know you through video content. When they see your smiling face or just hear your voice over and over again, they will begin to feel as if they know you and will start to form a bond with your brand.

It Appeals to Mobile Users

Mobile users devour video content, and they now make up the majority of online users. A recent Statista study showed that 77% of surveyed users watch video on tablets or mobile devices. And Facebook reveals that consumers are 1.5x more likely to consume video content daily on a mobile device than on a desktop computer.

It Encourages Social Shares

If you want to boost engagement on social media, video should be one of your go-to options. Platforms like TikTok and YouTube were made for video content. But other sites, like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, also focus on video content. And social sites are all about sharing. When people see something they like, they hit the “share” button.

It Improves Your Overall Results

At the end of the day, your business is looking for better overall results. And video content delivers. In fact, nearly one-third of marketers use video content to improve SEO, getting page quality and search engine boosts from their efforts.

Video content can also help with your sales processes. Specifically, it helps shorten the sales cycle by educating prospects and addressing objections. It’s an excellent tool to boost your conversions and sales, which improves your overall results.

The Five Best Ways to Incorporate Video Into Your Marketing

Video content is likely to account for more and more of the content consumed by people online. What does this mean from a marketing standpoint? In the simplest terms, you have a significant opportunity to reach and connect with your audience through this type of content. Not sure which types of videos to make? Here are just five ways your business can incorporate video into its marketing strategy.

  1. Highlight Your Brand’s Personality

While customers might have heard of your brand, how much do they know about the people behind it? Your business is much more than its logo or slogan. Use video content to show your audience the human side of your business.

Give a tour of your office so that potential customers can see how you operate. Use video to feature different employees so that viewers can learn about their backgrounds and experience. People will feel a stronger connection with your brand when they are able to see its personality.

  1. Create Product or Service Video Demos

People love seeing products in action. They may not necessarily have the time or patience to scroll through your list of features and benefits. So, if you sell “stuff,” making product demos an ideal use of video content. Even if you offer a service, you may be able to create video demonstrations of that service so that viewers can understand its function and value.

  1. Make Video Blog Posts

You probably have a wealth of video content topics already available on your business’s blog. Each blog post you publish also has value as a corresponding video post. These often appeal to different audiences, so doing this is worth your time. In fact, video content has 1200% more reach than images and text combined.

  1. Showcase Some Testimonials

Another valuable way to use video content is to have your current and past customers speak on your behalf. User-generated content is incredibly useful because consumers trust it and find it engaging. Ask your biggest brand advocates if they would be willing to star in a short video by sharing their experiences with your company.

  1. Host Video Webinars

Webinars are another excellent use of video content. Whether you choose to do a recorded webinar or a live one, you can use this tool to educate your audience and guide them further along the sales funnel. You can divide your webinar into short clips, which are shareable on social platforms and drive audiences to the full webinar on your website.

Let Too Darn Loud Marketing Help With Your Video Marketing Strategy

Maybe you see the value of using video to market your business, but you just aren’t sure where to start or don’t have the time to get it done right. We can help. At Too Darn Loud Marketing, we understand the power of using video to showcase your business and your brand’s personality.

We sit down with you to discuss your vision and develop a plan that helps you achieve your goals. We always take a customized approach to digital marketing, meaning you’re never going to pay for something you don’t need. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation and website evaluation.

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