The Importance of Branding in the Digital Age — Building a Strong Online Presence

Unless you sell a product or service that can’t be purchased anywhere else (unlikely), your company’s brand is pretty important. And even if you manage this feat, some customers will still avoid your business if they find you unlikable or just can’t locate the information they need to make an informed decision. Here’s why branding is a must for every business in today’s digital age and how it can help you build a strong online presence.

What is Branding?

Many people believe businesses only sell products or services. But they really sell much more than that — they sell ideas, feelings, and experiences. Take Apple, for example. They’re not just selling phones, tablets, and laptops; they’re selling innovation, class, consistency, and service.

Sure, you can buy any smartphone or laptop, but it won’t be an iPhone or MacBook. Simply put, branding is the unique story and identity that sets your company apart from others. Its purpose is to form positive mental associations of your business in customers’ minds.

Your company’s brand includes its logos, taglines, and visual design choices. But it’s more than just these few items. It’s also your tone of voice, company values, and the way you connect with others online and offline.

How Branding Has Changed Over Time

Branding was much different before we entered the digital age. Businesses would pay large sums for television commercials and newspaper ads in attempts to generate brand awareness. It was a costly and largely untargeted strategy. Fortunately, the digital age has evened the playing field.

Total eCommerce sales reached $1.09 trillion in 2022, and retail sales were over $7 trillion for the same period. People are spending money but are no longer being influenced by print and TV ads.

With a strong website and social media campaign, every business has the opportunity to communicate who they are alongside the biggest brands. Branding is not only more affordable than ever but also a must for any business that wants to make an impression in a competitive market.

The Importance of Branding in the Digital Age

Your brand should be considered one of your business’s most valuable assets. It makes your business more memorable, gives your company an identity, guides your marketing decision, and supports consumers who decide to purchase from you. Here are some of the reasons branding is essential in the digital age.

1. Boosts Recognition

People want to buy from brands they know and trust. Branding through digital marketing will make your business name, image, and message instantly recognizable among your target audience.

2. Offers Clarity

Today’s consumers are faced with an endless amount of distractions. To cut through the noise, they’re looking for consistent messaging from the brands they choose to do business with. These messages can be delivered via website content, social media posts, email marketing, and more.

3. Conveys Meaning

For many of today’s consumers, it’s no longer just about the products or services your business offers. People are also searching for meaning as they begin searching for brands to support. Branding gives your business the opportunity to convey what your company stands for, such as service, sustainability, innovation, or inclusivity.

4. Facilitates Connections

Many consumers also value making connections with the companies they support. And there’s no better place to do this than online. Using various branding and digital marketing strategies, your business can make valuable connections at every customer touchpoint.

5. Creates Identity

Your company’s brand extends beyond its products and services. It also gives your entire business an identity. This is something customers can relate to, such as what happens with Apple consumers. It also builds employee pride and helps your business attract top talent.

6. Influences Purchases

Your branding strategy can be the deciding factor for consumers when making important purchasing decisions. According to Google, 59% of consumers begin their purchasing journey online with web research. What they find, including a company website, social media profiles, and Google reviews, will influence their purchasing decisions.

Does Your Branding Strategy Need Some Help?

If your business doesn’t have a strong branding strategy, it’s time to get started with one. Too Darn Loud Digital Marketing can provide the professional guidance you need to create a winning online presence that gets you found and chosen by your target audience.

Our team of seasoned professionals offers results-driven digital marketing solutions that will keep your audience engaged and help you achieve your business goals. Give us a call today at (800) 649-1764 or contact us online to schedule a free initial consultation and website evaluation.

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